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Ensembles and Solo Work

Statue of the EarthViola singerMyth | Women
Tillein, for an intimate percussionist *Percussion + narrationAddiction | Bad habit
Fantasy Impromptu-ish, for solo fluteFlute
Kyrie (score cming soon)Choir SSA
360 Vue, dance for flute and celloFlute and CelloHuman relationships
A Story Within *Duo Percussion
Luonne, for ContempTrioPiano TrioWater | Transformation |
Impressions of CIIViolaPoetry | Love
I – Educational Open instrumentation
Seashells by the SeashoreAlto Saxophone and Bassoon
Flute and Clarinet
AwaitingPiano 4 handsFamily | Emotional
In the CloudsFlute and VibraphoneLove | Family

* Full list of percussion instruments for each piece will be found in each piece’s page