Keep Musicing!

Hi, I’m Rania. I’m a composer with a high sensitivity on music education. How does music becomes a creative process? I write from experience and observation articles on music education, music creativity, lesson plans, and thoughts!


Pied Piper

A form of “Pied the Piper” session, where through musical activities the children will follow your lead. It is a theatrical session…

Timbre and Pulse

Lesson plan to be held in a nursery school setting aimed for babies between 8 – 20 months. This focuses around timbre and pulse. Modification tips during Covid-19 time

Lesson Plan | Nature / Animals

When in doubt,” a mentor of mine once told me, “talk about animals, sing about animals, just use animals, or food, or nature. I don’t know why but children love them!” So, here is a lesson plan that can be focused around ainmals or nature

Sound Stories

Sound stories are fascinating for any and all ages. An easy way to make them more advanced is to reform the language or use a theme that is more appealing to your students. You don’t have to sing for these stories and you can also play a recording of them if talking is considered a COVID-19 risk.


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