Seashells by the Seashore

Educational piece – intermediate level

Duo for
Alto Saxophone and Bassoon
Flute and Bb Clarinet

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I wrote this piece when I was in Corfu, during my student years (wonderful times), to play it with a friend back then. It’s quite of a dance-y piece. The 7/8 time signature is based on a traditional Greek Dance called Kalamatianos. It’s a very characteristic rhythm that you will hear more or less anywhere you go, taverns, social gatherings, school plays even! If you’re not familiar with kalamatianos, I mean, if you haven’t been dancing it for the past 10 years, then here are some tips that may help you get the feeling we are after:

  1. and obvious, listen to some music. Don’t try to find something that sounds classical and clean. If there are people dancing in a circle in the video then you are probable in the right place
  2. think of the first 3/8 as LONG followed by two short ones.
  3. try dancing to the music as well. Your feet will follow the same LONG-short-short pattern

Later on the accents change to give a little variety to the music.

There are a lot of accidentals in this piece. Feel free to add your own grace notes and approaching notes that may be a bit off tune, microtonal. It’s a colouring effect that if both players agree to do it, it will sound great! But of course, don’t over do it with the grace notes.



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