Statue Of The Earth

for solo singing viola

Statue of the Earth was commissioned by Katherine Clarke, singing violist based in London, UK. Katherine specialises in contemporary repertoire and performing works for singing violist showcasing the depth and range of this underrated instrument.

The piece was premiered in February 2020 in London.

Program note:

Hestia (Εστία), or Vestia was the ancient Greek goddess of the home, the Hearth and Domestic Life. Her importance is a bit controversial. Every home had a place dedicated to her and humans would give sacrifices to her or pray on a daily basis since every household had a small temple dedicated to her. She would stay in the house of the gods on Olympus mountain and tend the celestial fire. But there isn’t much more than that (that I could find) apart from her birth myth and her rape myth. She was described as pure and beloved and modest. These descriptions triggered some thoughts and feelings and Statue of the Earth came to be.

This is a live recording