Fantasy Impromptu-ish

Fantasy Impromptu-ish, for solo flute, 2014 (’19); 2019 London, UK

Written for Flute with a B extension

Free download may be found here

Duration: about a minute

Fantasy Impromptu-ish incorporates a dreamy setting with rhythmical melodies. The performer is free to manipulate the tempo as desired, exaggerate the long notes at the end of a phrase and ever so faintly pick up the pace when the melody becomes more percussive and rhythmical. The melodic theme that keeps repeating throughout the piece should be emphasized as it is the main idea of the piece.

Fantasy Impormptu-ish was originally written for oboe but then re-written and rearranged in 2019 for extended flute. The whole re-writing process was done in an improvising manner, hens the name. It aims to demolish the notion that classical music (whatever it is) should be appreciated in grave yard stillness.

Program note

(the performer may also announce the program note before the performance)

Please enjoy. Feel free to dance and move your body with me. I’d love to see your smiles!