TILLEIN (Τιλλείν)

for an intimate percussionist

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2 woodblocks
1 wind gong
2 bongos
performer / narrator
(depending on the size of the performance hall, the narrator and the gong may need to be amplified)

Duration: about 7min 15sec

Premiered by Natasa Hadjiandreou in Nicosia, Cyprus, in December 2019

Anyone that has gone or is going through an addiction will relate to this piece. Some addictions start from bad habits that we never learnt, or had the right support to learn, how to stop. Anyone that has gone or is going through an addiction will find their emotions being “sung” through this piece by percussive instruments. You have observed correctly! These instruments aren’t known for producing any definate pitch yet you will be singing or at least tapping the melody with the Intimate Percussionist.

And the Intimate Percussionist is another story. The percussionist will narrate to you little snippets from my personal story on holding onto a bad habit. The narration will happen very quietly, almost like neglecting the audience and immercing them-self only in the presence of their instruments.

A poem on bad habits we can’t let go of and the comfort of the spiraling brain…

Program note:
Ask the person next to you about their feelings and be open for any answer. Learn how to identify what you are feeling and accept sometimes it might be jealousy, or shame… Don’t hide away, it’s part of human nature… And perhaps that will make letting go of bad habits a lot easier…

For the performer:

You can choose between English or Greek text for this piece. Of course choose what feels more natural to you. The spoken words are part of the performance of the piece. They aren’t meant to be too loud, but audible, so it becomes part of the soundscape of the performance. It would be “alright” if not all members in the audience hear every single word. However, I understand that not every percussionist feels comfortable doing so, so here are some alternatives:
– ask a friend / colleague to narrate live (of course you will practice it a few times before the event)
– record yourself and practice with the recording
– you can be highly adventurous and ask members of the audience to narrate a line very quietly. This looses the “Intimate percussionist” part of the title but it will now discribe the entire performance as an “Intimate performance”. If you do result to this choice, please, please! let me know, I’d like to be there or listen to it.

(recording upon request)

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