A Story Within

A Story Within, 2017; Percussion Concert organised by the Centre of Cypriot Composers

For two percussionists

Duration: approx 5min 20sec.

Scroll down to purchase score and parts

List of instruments:  1 snare drum, 1 woodblock, 1 cowbell, 1 tambourine (with or without skin), 1 pair of tibetan cymbals (or finger cymbals), 1 pair of snare sticks, xylophone, 1 woodblock, 1 tambourine (with or without skin), 1 pair of snare sticks, 1 pair of xylophone sticks, 3 tomtoms (hi, midium, low) used by both percussionists

Program note (EN & GR)

Searching for the hidden story… What story do we choose to remember and which one do we forget? If we close our eyes, if we let ourselves go, will we create our own story?

Ψάχνοντας για την ιστορία που κρύβεται. Ποιο παραμύθι λέμε και ποιο αφήνουμε να χαθεί, ποιο παραμύθι βλέπουμε και ποιο αγνοούμε; Αν κλείσουμε για λίγο τα μάτια, θα φτιάξουμε τη δικιά μας ιστορία;

Score and both parts included in the same PDF


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