The Artist

“A composer needs to inspire her/ his performers first and then worry about what to write on the music staff, if there is one for that matter.”

Long Bio:

Rania Chrysostomou, b.1989, Cyprus, based in London

Rania is dedicated to composition and specifically classical contemporary composition. She composes music for soloists, ensembles, voice and electronic music. She enjoys working closely with her performers to better realise and project their musical abilities.

Her personal sound palette uses elements from contemporary classical music,  and amalgamation of jazz, electronic, traditional Greek modes, rhythms and sounds. She draws inspiration from stories with social and cognitive themes. Her music has been performed and commissioned in Cyprus, Greece, the UK and the USA. Some of her more notable performances and commissions include her composition Sonnet CII for solo viola, performed at the opening ceremony celebrations for Pafos, European capital of 2017, Luonne for Piano trio performed by ContempTrio performed as part of a series of concerts by the Centre of Cypriot Composers. In August 2018 she was commissioned by ACM Chicago to write for the Open House Project in Milwaukee. For 2020 she is preparing a cabaret style show featuring poems and stories from Cyprus written into modern songs.

Rania wrote her first small songs on a piano when she was three and at age six she had her first proper music lessons at the Ethniko Odeum in Cyprus. At age fourteen she started learning the saxophone as well. During her school years she participated in numerous school performances where she would play the piano, and played in concerts in ensembles and bands as a saxophonist. In 2007 she received a Diploma in Classical Harmony, Grade 8 in Piano and Saxophone and finished the Middle C grade of the Greek Examination music board in both instruments.

She studied Musical Studies and Composition for performing Arts at the Ionian University in Corfu, Greece from 2007 until 2012. Her main focus was always composition and took classes such as classical and contemporary composition, counterpoint, harmony, and orchestration with Joseph Papadatos, composition for the performing arts with Dimitra Trypani and Dimitris Maragkopoulos and History and Composition of Electronic music. She was also deeply interested in other musical subjects such as the harpsichord and baso continuo, jazz saxophone and jazz theory and harmony with Dimos Dimitriadis, piano, music psychology, music education, and music philosophy as well as history, ear training, choir… While she was in er first year of study she had her first piece performed with 7 instrumentalists and 2 actors. It was a performance installation that carried around the Old Fortress in Corfu town. She had a viola piece performed by Paul Silverthrone. She collaborated with a group of dancers to bring to life her dissertation piece Four Colours and Ultimate Justice that was again a performance installation. She was an active member in the Kapodistrias Marching Band in the saxophone section.

She completed her MA in Composition at the University of York, UK, in 2013 with supervisor Dr Thomas Simaku. She had her piece Sketches for three female voices and a lonely percussionist work-shopped and performed by The Juice Vocal Ensemble. She collaborated with the students of the Northern School of contemporary Dance and performed in installations in Parks and Houses in Leeds.

She has received masterclasses with distinguished composers and performers of the U.K. such as Paul Silverthrone, Silvina Milstein, Roger Marsh and Martin Suckling.

In 2014 she ventured as a media composer as well and she wrote music for the short film A different time produced by Shinmoro Films, for the gaming apps Broko Loco and GemBee produced by Created Informed.

Since 2013 she lives and works in London composing, playing and teaching.  She teaches through investigation, experimentation and personal learning. She was the residence music teacher at Dicky Birds Nurseries in 2014 – 2015. Currently she is a music tutor for Every Child A Musician (Newham music services).

Rania carries on composing and teaching in London.

She is also a keen dancer with a diploma in Latin American and Ballroom Dances from the Greek Federation of Dance in 2013.

Her instruments are piano, saxophone and harpsichord.

Inspiration needs to find you playing