The Artist

“A composer needs to inspire her/ his performers first and then worry about what to write on the music staff, if there is one for that matter.”

Rania Chrysostomou, b.1989, Cyprus

Rania is a Cypriot composer and instrumentalist with focus on improvised saxophone. Her personal sound palette uses elements from jazz, electronic music, traditional Greek modes and rhythms, and classical European music to draw stories with social and cognitive themes. Her music has been performed and commissioned in Cyprus, Greece, the UK and the USA. Some of her more notable commissions include her compositions Sonnet CII for solo viola, performed at the opening ceremony celebrations for Pafos, European capital of 2017, Luonne for Piano trio performed by ContempTrio performed as part of a series of concerts by the Centre of Cypriot Composers. In August 2018 she was commissioned by ACM Chicago to write for the Open House Project in Milwaukee. For 2019 she is preparing a cabaret style show featuring poems and stories from Cyprus written into modern songs.

She has studied piano, saxophone and harpsichord.

Inspiration needs to find you playing

Rania teaches music to students of all ages, from 6 months to 60+. Through learning the discipline of music and composition expands. Teaching through investigation and experimentation the teacher and the student unlock possibilities that otherwise might have been unseen. Currently she is a music tutor for Every Child A Musician (Newham music services).

She is also a keen dancer with a diploma in Latin American and Ballroom Dances from the Greek Federation of Dance in 2013.