360 Vue

Dance for Flute and Cello

360 Vue, Dance for Flute and Cello, 2018; commissioned by ACM Chicago for the Open House Project in Milwaukee

Scroll down to purchase score and parts for £12.00

This piece was commissioned by the ACM in Chicago as part of their Open House Project in Milwaukee and refers to the view from the highest floor of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

In 2017 I composed a piece called Psomi, suite for two pianos and two percussionists. That piece consisted of 12 very small dances that were to be played one after the other. I explored the idea of creation and life, formation and reformation come from death, le ng go. 360 Vue is a deconstructed and reformed version of a small part of Psomi. Inspired by the tragic story of the building, I was urged to reuse old material explored under a different perspective.

Program note

What is the relation between human and building? One person stands still and gazes at the wonderous life below, the other person dances in the space. Do they both see the same things, does their view change as they swivel around the room, as they choose another spot to watch, do they have the same experience?

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