In the Clouds

for Flute and Vibraphone

not performed yet

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for Olivia

Duration: approx. 5min 30sec


Vibraphone (beaters, bow)

This is a transcription of a piano and voice I wrote that is destined for a cycle of Greek songs. The lyrics of these Greek songs come from poems written by living Cypriot composers that have generously granted me permission to use their work.

You will find ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) influences in this piece and a huge influence for this has been Hans Abrahamsen and Barbara Hannigan.

What I find from extremely quiet settings is all the little sounds and echoes that are often missed in louder settings, as they awake delicate sensations that trigger nerves in our body and mind. To get the feeling of someone gently touching the back of your neck with only their fingertips.

Percussionists: I know you won’t shy away from experimenting on various surfaces of the vibraphone to find the suitable sound for the Baby Stroke and the Guiro effect, and then for bar 28 to get the “hovering but sounding” technique. All three of these techniques rely on the the visual combonent as well. Sometimes just looking at something moving we can imagine the sound it makes because we have seen it or something similar so many times giving the impression that the produced sound is a bit louder than it actually is.

General Instructions:

This piece is to be played at extremely quiet volumes, from both performers. Extremely quiet can mean different things depending on various factors such as instrument abilities, techniques used and room or hall the performance takes place. It is important to adjust accordingly in every situation but respecting the overall theme of the piece which is to be played at all the shades of piano dynamic.

Program note:

It is odd, but sometimes we love someone that it hurts so much. Love hurts, even when our loved one is still there. I know… it’s odd but only if you have experienced it you would know. You love them so much, you don’t want to make any unnecessary sounds or movements in case you interfere in their song. Their beautiful, magical song…

Full score and parts as well as other instrumentation coming soon!