Broko Loco

Broko Loco, 2014; By Created Informed

Watch out, London. Broko Loco is here!

He is coming to town. He is little. He is gray. He will make you break your record–or your phone!

Broko Loco is the mascot of the Broken Men parkour and free running team. Like his real world counterparts, he likes nothing more than running, jumping and flipping through the London skyline!

Broko Loco combines fast paced arcade game play with leader boards to create a fun score attack challenge. The game provides a leader board and achievements. Be sure to try and unlock all of the over 20 achievements!

The first music I composed for a game. The music had to be grandiose, energetic and powerful.  All music used in the game is original music that I composed specifically for the game.

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