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Free Virtual workshop for flutists

To challenge, to train, to broaden to accept.

Oftentimes I might be convinced that there is only one right way to act; from folding socks, to how music should function, which of course it is merely naive. Each person has their own ways. Even siblings, I know very well, have opposite ways of interpreting the world. Through various stages in our lives we, ourselves, shift those beliefs and habits. But, like siblings gather information from each other subconsciously and use it when needed, together we will broaden our horizons by exercised this idea-sharing concept more consciously.

This workshop will focus on individuality and the sharing process in order for us to become more versatile as musicians and humans. Accept that there is another way of interpreting a written score without resulting in the same patterns. We will focus on a one-page piece I composed for solo flute in 2019 called Fantasy Impromptu-ish. We anticipate that each musician will change some breaths or phrasing. What I am most interested in is experiencing how the sound colour can develop a piece. So we end up with very undeniably contrasting variations from the same score.

Music as an arbitrary, abstract and ambiguous art. We as humans give meaning to Music to satisfy our current needs.

Through this workshop you’ll listen to how other musicians think and approach a new piece, you’ll gain more confidence in yourself analysing new music, especially if there aren’t recordings available, you’ll practice on applying extended techniques (or using the whole range of sounds you can produce through your instrument). My piece Fantasy Impormptu-ish is now part of your repertoire indefinitely to perform and record without owing royalties, just credit the composer. 

How will it work?

We’ll meet up on Zoom together with other flutists and we’ll discuss the piece I sent you Fantasy Impormptu-ish, your general feelings and impressions, background of each musician. Then we will start adding information on the piece focusing on sound colour variations and how it can be the driving force of the piece. We will make use of various techniques and playing ways of the instrument, until each performer has created their own unique sound palette to apply on the piece. We will finish off with a mini concert for us and by us accepting all the variations that we came up with. The final form of the pieces will be presented on my YouTube channel and my social media. 




15 May 2020 5:00pm — 6:30pm UK



Who is this for?

A flutist that

  • Enjoys a good musical challenge
  • Would like to add new music into their repertoire
  • Wants to meet other flutists and hear how they approach new music
  • Explore your needs as a performer
  • Identify the composer’s needs
  • Wants to become more aware of similar or different ways of music making
  • Is confident or wants to build up confidence to play more sounds on the flute (extended techniques)

Level of skill: 

Flutists comfortable with reading notes, suggesting new ideas, improvising, and familiar with extended techniques. Identify themselves as skilled amateurs or professionals with experience in performing or recording classical, contemporary, jazz, country, folk any other genre. 


Can I study the piece before the workshop?

Yes. You shall have the piece as soon as you sign up for the workshop.

How much does this cost?

This is a free workshop but please let me know if you can’t make it.

What flute should I bring?

dfgAny you like. The piece isgoes down to a Bb but there is also alternative notation.

Will this be recorded and presented?

Yes, it will be recorded. I would like to present each flutist’s final piece, if they agree, on my youtube channel and social media . Also, each performer can post their own one.

Do contact me if you have any questions about the workshop.

You can sign up by filling this form. You’ll receive a confirmation email with an attachment of the piece to study until the day of the event. Alternatively you can e-mail me directly at

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