Vehicles / Woodland Sounds

Lesson Plan for nursery school, 8 – 20 month old, by Rania

Duration: approx 20 minutes

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Aim of Session: Listening to sounds that are around us and how they can affect us
Skill: listening, identifying, social, observation skill
Knowledge: what kind of sounds can we listen, how we can use them and make music

Description of Session

Depending on your focus, you can use the same lesson plan for learning about vehicles and city sounds or what we see and hear in the woodlands and the seaside. The session can be done outdoors or indoors

  1. Warm up
  2. Sing 2 songs about sounds we can hear outside [check resources for song suggestions]
  3. Take time to listen to the outdoor or indoor sounds (cars or other vehicles passing by, the sound of the leaves in the trees, rain, kicking leaves, someone walking down the corridor, talking from a different room…)
  4. Show pictures of vehicles / what we can find in the woodland, or point directly at them asking the children what sound they make and imitating the sound
  5. Collect different objects that you can make sounds with (sticks, stones, brown leaves, / wooden, metallic, plastic toys)
  6. With the objects from activity 5 tap on different surfaces and sing Down in the Forest making the appropriate sounds with the stick
  7. Sing If you’re happy and you know it… make sounds with the instruments (If you’re happy and you know it shake the leaves, tap the tree / be a car, be an ambulance…
  8. Warm down music

Music Suggestions

  1. Gulper by Lisa Neher
  2. Tundra – Cait Nishimura 

Song Suggestion:

  1. Down at the station
  2. Walking in the forest

View full lesson plan including tips and explanations, covid-19 tips, and EYFS links Google Docs

first picture credits: Photo by Jiachen Lin on Unsplash

© Rania Chrysostomou, 2020, lesson plan for nursery schools music 

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