Vibrating Air

Performance for us – by us

Without you we have an entirely different performance

This Workshop leads to a Perfomance Sound Installation in the most friendly, relaxed and companiable way.
This workshop will be hosted on two separate dates with slightly different aims. 2nd of June is for Singers and 4th of June is Open for All.

check the videos from the workshop here

The great overpowering feeling of making music with others, even strangers is undoubtable. I organised a workshop with flutists a few weeks ago and it was evident how much the musicians enjoyed and missed playing together.

This workshop is for everyone, musician and non musician. It’s for us, the ones that want to create with others in an informal yet delicate way, always with respect to the health crisis we are going through now. I’ll see you on Zoom!

When I first moved to London I spent days that I wouldn’t say a word because there was no one there to speak to. Now I speak and sing every day, almost non stop, this is parenthood for you! But being in isolation, away from friends, family, performances and fellow musicians is a reminder to check our values and make something about it. 

This workshop celebrates togetherness, inclusivity, and imperfection. I invite you to this experience, Performance Sound Installation that extends beyond our walls and the two meter distance, it’s by us and for us!

I was very insecure with my voice growing up. I was incredibly shy singing in my solfege lessons and it never went well. This overwhelming feeling started declining when I was working in nursery schools – after my university years were done – where by default I had to sing. 

I was afraid someone would say “Aren’t musicians supposed to have lovely voices?“.

 This critic happened only once! By a close friend in my teenage years and that was enough to indefinately break me.

I didn’t just restrain from singing but speaking as well. Not speaking had a negative impact on my efforts to improve my singing. I realised later how these two are interlinked.

I am always in awe by the people that speak and sing and I use this element in my compositions. Maybe it’s my way of recovering… I am asking you to leave your perfect guards in the closet and share your voice and ideas with all of us.

What is this?A free mini informal live Performance for us – by us (live sound installation)
What will happen?You will sing or narrate a phrase you have prepared, don’t worry not alone!!! I will guide the group through the process of the performance while I narrate a poem called Candles (Κεριά) of Cavafy. We will also play games and you will have time to discuss things in groups.
Who is this for?Two different events will take place on separate dates.
1) Singers 2) Open for all
How long is it?The actual performance will last around 20 minutes  but the whole workshop around an hour and a half.

Please write a phrase / sentence / lyric using one word that describes sound. Your line shouldn’t be more than 12 words, in any language you like. Have this sentence with you on the day!
Here and here are some words for inspiration:
Bloop | Splash | Spray | Dribble | Giggle | Growl | Grunt | Mumble | Silent | Guffaw | Wail | Monotone | Trumpet | …. Your sentence may look like this:
The ball SPLASHES in the water
Her reflection scattered across the waves kept her SILENT through the night

Why do I want to take part in this?
You want to be part of a group that aspires and works collectively to create a wacky experience. It’s experimental, it’s fun, it will possibly and most probably work but it also might not and there lies the beauty of it. Nonetheless, taking part in this performance is for you that enjoys the journey, anticipates the destination and cherishes every human being that is there with you.

Level of skill for: Singers
All levels, professional or amateur, classical, folk, pop and other styles. Feel confident with improvising on a tune, experimenting with it and performing it. You wouldn’t have to sing in perfect unison with others but you will be asked to contribute and execute ideas in somewhat unison with a group. Any singing techniques you are experimenting with: jazz, mongolian throat singing, yodeling, pop yeahs and ohs, this is a safe space for you to try them out.

Level of skill for: Open for ALL
NO, you DON’T have to sing!!! This is open for every person and any person that feels comfortable saying the same thing (the sentence you wrote) for about 20 minutes.  I’d like to see families, and individuals that want for an hour and a half to belong and be part of an experience, this live perfomrance sound installation.

Without you we have an entirely different performance!

Both events start at 5:30 pm GMT on Zoom

Sign up by filling out this form. Please specify which event you will be attending to access the right link. For more information and questions email me at

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