Circle T

Circle T, 2015; written for the 4th Festival of New Music in Cyprus for Chronos ensemble

Duration: 7 min 10 sec

Instrumentation: Flute (Piccolo), Clarinet Bb; Percussionist 1: 2 triangles, 1 cabasa, 1 pair of claves, 1 cowbell, 1 tambourine, 1 woodblock; Percussionist 2: Vibraphone; Violin; Double Bass

Written after a pilgrimage to Spain, this piece colours the air with the memories of that trip.

The piece starts off in a dreamy state, where melodies interact and instrument timbres mix and mingle together. This builds up to a very rhythmical, almost like a military march. And at the end we go back to a wondering place.

Program note

Walking down the outskirts of Spain you experience nature in its splendour. Meeting so many characters along the way, conversations are short but regular. The longest conversation you every have is with yourself. Observing shapes, sizes and time is a way to establish what the norm is. Approaching the first big city after a week of walking in the meadows the essence of “sanity” is negotiable, even relaxing with some tea will make you wake up in a mad dream…

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