Luonne, for ContempTrio, 2017; premiered at Kasteliotissa Nicosia by ContempTrio

For Violin, Cello and Piano

Duration: 7min 10sec

As a Cypriot, born and raised in Cyprus, writing a piece about water feels inevitable. Water in Cyprus, and should be everywhere, is precious and we must preserve it. I was drawn into loving nature and the environment from a very young age and that quality still resonates with me.

Luonne, is a Finnish word that means “character”. Our characters change, develop and transform through time and space. Some of our traits stay the same and they become our fundamental traits, and then we evolve around them. Ergo, there is a theme and variations.

Written for the ContempTrio that is based in Cyprus. Luonne describes 3 different images of the same object transforming through time and space. You may imagine of water and its transformations. The piece would start by describing images of ice then carry on to liquid and then painting images of steam. The first part exposes a cold feeling of a cold and unfamiliar cave made of ice crystals. A crystal drops into a flowing river; it becomes a drop and rushes around the river bends. After the waterfall it reaches the lake and there, in a very orderly manner, the drops of water evaporate into the sky.

Program note

The idea of not becoming slave to a cause, to your cause…