Kyrie, 2018

Kyrie, 2018; written for Selene Vocal ensemble, Cyprus

Written for SSA (a capella or with piano accompaniment or with Cello)

Kyrie was written especially for the Selene Vocal ensemble. The conductor is a good friend of mine and we have been discussing about writing a mass for many years. The first stage came with Kyrie.

I don’t often turn to God to help and when I do it is because I realise that life is bigger than me and I need greater help. Kyrie was written while I was going through a significant life changing period and I wanted to be forgiven for my past, by God and of course I also had to find the courage to forgive myself.

As a performance, it should be performed as a plea to God (whatever that means for each performer individually) and also have a hint of light which would mean perform it as if you were praying, feeling sorry but have hope, finding strength and self-aware.

Program note

The greatness I feel towards my faith, and meekness when I pray to God to give me strength and mercy may only be expressed with austerity and awe.

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